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Just sold the last one ifancy theme, ifancy officially discontinued. I began to no longer sell this theme to anyone from now, customers have to pay for updates and upgrades can still enjoy the service.

Recently out of some thing, I disappeared for a short time, but now I'm back, Jezzzz back. Thank you for supporting ifancy theme again, this is a quiet end or a new beginning.

[Show Desktop] Rainmeter + WP7

10/26/2011 46 Comments

Since the ventilation Rainmeter 2.1 will not run on my computer, so long it has been left out, few intimate contact. Or because the configuration is too much trouble, afraid of life shortened.
Yesterday on DevianART to see a SKIN, love. WP7 Style see more, but the details of things to do especially good. The key is to have a visual configuration interface, suitable for my kind of lazy use.

Fiddle a little while out of a desktop, the picture quality will look a little slag:

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October received wallpaper の pull their punches

10/26/2011 57 Comments

Wallpaper is not as good now seem easy to find, especially beautiful wallpaper fewer. October has only received 20 more personal feeling relatively good quality. All sent to, click on the picture to download, go in the press do not know where to download purely finding fault.

Some estimate will say: Ah sucker ah? I do not know the package upload to the network disk available to me download, download a picture of Intuit trouble. !
Ah, but the author of wallpaper do not want me to do.

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